Interim and part-time

Let's help each other by sharing our knowledge. Whether you are a company that needs to solve an IT problem or an IT female professional who wants to share know-how in addition to her work, we will connect you with the right opportunities.

Time is money, save both

Do you have free capacity to work? Do you need a specialist from the IT world, but you can't employ them permanently? We have been changing the stories of companies and the people for whom we are looking for new jobs for a long time.

We work with confidence with a number of IT male or female experts who would like to help your project in addition to their job. We can cover short-term, long-term and one-off projects from various IT areas.

How it works

1. Describe the required type of service in detail
2. We will agree on payment and project conditions
3. We will provide you with an IT specialist as soon as possible according to the specification
4. You will get a quality work done
Still no PERFECT MATCH on the horizon? We will help you change that! Let us know about yourself and your talents and we will make sure that your dream job will not be long in coming.
We are delighted to answer all questions
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