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FE/ BE/ Fullstact with JavaScript

Bratislava/ full remote
From 3000 EUR
Bratislava/ full remote
From 3000 EUR


Interested in TypeScript/React?? We have a great opportunity for you! SVK-US company based in Bratislava which is building a browser extension that can be compared to a single-page offline-first app.
A unified architecture has been choosed for all of the frontend platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android, Web, Windows, OS X which is written in JavaScript, TypeScript. There is also only one responsive UI across all of the supported platforms.
Company is one of the most feature-rich and easy-to-use password managers for consumers and businesses.

Browser extensions and Mobile apps
1. UI -React + HTML + SCSS 20% of the code
2. Core App – 80% of the browser extension code written in TypeScript, JavaScript consisting of:
Form recognition for login, credit card, address and other form types of websites
Injected notifications inside the browser
Data models for accounts, credit cards…
REST / HTTP client for communication with the backend
Encryption / decryption part
Authentication / Authorization

Node.js, TypeScript
This enables us to keep a fast pace with new features.

You impact and tasks:
  • Customization of our product for the existing and new global partners as well as: 
  • Participation on technology decisions and product improvements
  • Integrating technical and application components
  • Maintaining, tuning and repairing applications in order to keep them performing according to technical and functional specifications
  • Bug fixing, code reviews

We’re looking for someone who
  • Has experience with semantic HTML, CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript, ReactJS 
  • To ensure that teams are able to overlap in their working hours and to meet face-to-face when needed, all team members need to live within CET time zone
  • Is a good communicator with the ability to collaborate effectivelyempathetically, and proactively on a tightly integrated team

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