IT Part-timer
Time is money, try to save both
Do you have capacity at your work or do you want an extra income? Do you need IT specialist but you can’t fully occupy the role. Try the IT Partimer! Our team has been passionately helping for almost 10 years to companies that are seeking for the IT specialists when it comes to PERFECT MATCH. For many years we are changing people’s lives when helping them to find the right career. Based on trust, we work with many IT specialists that are willing to share their spare capacity and help on various projects alongside of their work. We can fully cover various length of projects in different IT fields.
How does it work?
Contact one of our specialists and describe in detail the desired service
Based your inquiry we provide you with the most suitable specialist
We make agreement on payment and project terms
You will receive agreed job followed by payment
Garantujeme vám plné porozumenie vašich požiadaviek, precíznosť našej práce a odvahu v hľadaní správneho PERFECT MATCH.
IT headhunting
Tvorba CV, LinkedIn profilu, motivačného listu
Individuálna príprava na pohovor
Kariérne poradenstvo a business koučing

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